Gold Standard Luxury Travel Forum

You read my opinions and share information here, but I know you have your own. 

While many of you are fearful of posting your comments on Cruise Critic and other message boards because of bullies and/or cheerleaders or just don't get involved because the small group of posters seem oh so cliquish or just spend page after page talking about nothing, now there is place to have an intelligent, lively and respectful adult conversation about any topic that involves (or sort of involves) luxury travel:

I have intentionally broken the various forums into travel related categories rather than by cruise line.  (I mean, seriously, who wants to talk or learn about one cruise line when you are trying to find out the similarities and differences of them all?)

The Gold Standard Luxury Travel Forum has the following categories:

Luxury at Sea
--The Hardware
--The Software

Luxury on Land
--Hotels, Tours & Transportation
--Excursions and Longer Experiences

Cruise Reviews

Any Reasonable Travel Related Topic