Friday, August 5, 2016

Crystal Cruises Will NOT be Restoring the S.S. United States

Crystal Cruises will NOT be restoring the S.S. United States.  It has found "insurmountable" obstacles that simply make the project unviable.

Personally, I felt this was more of a publicity stunt all along. I had been personally involved in the S.S. United States' long history of possible return to service, but eventually with its being economically and practically impossible, put the deal together with Norwegian Cruise Lines (who purchased it more as an insurance policy aga...inst another cruise line competing with it in Hawaii).

I had offered Crystal Cruises assistance with this, as much of what it would be investigating had already been investigated, but all I receive was a "We will call you tomorrow" and tomorrow never came.

As much as I love maritime romance, Crystal Cruises' commitment to provide an additional $350,000 to the Conservancy seems like a poor use of money when there are charities and causes that could so better use the funds.

But as I said to my client (and one of the S.S. United States' prior owners), "It is not my boat. It is not my money. It is not my decision."