Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Seabourn Changes Its Smoking Policy - No Inside or Balcony Smoking

I know that for some smoking is a "hot topic" and, to be honest, the "issue" has over the past years become bigger than the "reality".  And that has resulted in a number of potential guests simply being unwilling to experience a Seabourn cruise. Well, that is changing!

As of Seabourn cruises departing November 28th or later, Seabourn will not permit smoking of any kind anywhere in the interior of the ship or on private balconies.

Smoking will only be permitted as follows:
  • On the starboard half of the Sky Bar on Deck 9 (Seabourn Encore Deck 10) including the bar stools 
  • On the starboard half of the open terrace aft of The Club on Deck 5 
  • Smoking of cigarettes, pipes and cigars is permitted on the open terrace aft of Seabourn Square on Deck 7. This is the only area on board where pipe and cigar smoking is permitted. 
  • Smoking of electronic cigarettes is permitted in guest suites, as well as other designated smoking areas. 
I would note that, as someone who enjoys a cigar from time to time, the limitations are not the most appealing to me...if I were to look at it being "all about me".  But when in public, especially on a cruise ship, it may be a personal experience, but there are other people that are affected.  So, just as any other social experience, knowing that I am not interfering with another person's cruise, is more important than my desire for that cigar. 

With this I believe the concerns about smokers on Seabourn should be put to rest.