Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Making a Difference at Seatrade Cruise Shipping Conference

I think it was five years ago that I spoke at Seatrade about environmental issues affecting superyachts and cruise ships.  I talked about carbon footprints and a number of then new topics and terms.

During the conference I attended a press conference where the head of the Venice cruise terminal announced its plans for cold-ironing...plugging cruise ships into land power while in port.

I was really happy to hear this so I went up to him to say so.  He smiled and said "Mr. Goldring!  I remember you sitting with me after your talk and explaining what a carbon footprint was."

Sometimes life just has great rewards...and you can make a difference...You just don't always know when or how.  Obviously I cannnot take credit for this great news, but it is nice to know I actually started the conversation.

Hopefully soon a city I love will be just a bit more environmentally better off.