Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hurtigruten Tragedy - Engine Room Fire (Updated)

One of the more unique cruising experiences is onboard a Hurtigruten ship which is part cruise ship and part ferry/cargo ship.  For those really wanting to "get out there" into the Norwegian fjords or beyond this line provides a rather unique experience.

Unfortunately, it has been reported that early today there was a fire in the engine room of the M/S Nordlys resulting in the death of two crew members.  Nine of the 55 crew members have been hospitalized (four seriously).  None of the 207 passengers were injured and have been taken to a hotel in Alesund.  Fortunately the ship was able to make it to port and is along side the pier.

Arrangements are being made for the passengers to either be transported to another Hurtigruten ship or flown home.

The M/S Nordlys was traveling from Bergen to Kirkenes and can carry 475 passengers and 45 automobiles.

The cause of the fire is not known.