Friday, November 5, 2010

Goldring Travel Integrates Facebook and Twitter

My concern about using Facebook and setting up a Goldring Travel page is the overloading of my clients and potential clients with information from yet another source.  I mean with mail, emails, The Gold Standard Luxury Travel Forum,, This Is My Yacht Blog and now Facebook, is it too much...or just another way to relay information and marketing using the available technologies.

After much thought I figured:  Why not? 

I have linked this blog right into Facebook, so if you Like the Goldring Travel page you can receive new blog posts automatically.

I have also added quite a number of photos; some of ships (especially the Seabourn Odyssey and Sojourn and Celebrity Solstice) and quite a few travel photos interspersed.

Also included is a link to The Gold Standard Luxury Travel Forum.

In the future I will be letting you know about special deals, cruises of interest and topics that might not be that well suited to this blog.

Should that not be enough, now my Twitter account (GoldringTravel) also can automatically update you. 

So call, email or Skype me.  As you can tell, I am on top of it!