Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oceania Marina Has Very Successful Sea Trials

On Friday through Sunday the Oceania Marina was taken out for a spin; 'er uh, her sea trials. 

Reports are she performed admirably maintaining a 22 knot speed and engaging in all the maneuvers required without issue (such as completing time trials, emergency maneuvers, tight 360 degree turns, etc.) 

Oceania has highlighted that she seems to have no vibration even at top speed.  For me the vibration thing is a bit over-rated, but generally the vibration issue is not at top speed, but when maneuvering.  Importantly, I understand there is no issue there either.

A trade publication quoted Capt. Dimitrios Flokos, the ship’s master as stating, “Marina exceeded all expectations. In fact, shipyard [Fincantieri] representatives commented this was the most successful sea trial in recent history for technical performance.”

Here is a peak at what Marina looks like: