Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Seabourn and Some Long Time Guests - What is Old Is New Again

As you may know, some of Seabourn's guests are not happy about the elimination of formal night on 7 night cruises.  They believe it will be the ruination of the Seabourn experience because, apparently, the rest of the Seabourn experience is irrelevant.  The tuxedo, it seems, is allegedly the gatekeeper that keeps away the "other" people and children.

That said, this vocal minority is now stamping its feet and claiming the loyalty is now gone.  It reminded me of when Seabourn said it was going to stop sending its smaller ships on transatlantic voyages, so I sought out my blog article on that subject.  What is kind of freaky is that I wrote it literally one year ago to the day this controversy became public. 

On February 19, 2010 I wrote Seabourn's 2010-2011 Itineraries:  You Got What You Asked For....And Didn't.

No need to repeat myself yet again.

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