Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ex-Silversea Execs Start Marketing Company

David Morris and Marilyn Conroy, who were recently fired from Silversea Cruises as the heads of marketing and sales have started a new venture, David Morris International which is going to market to industry.  Apparently Mr. Morris is going to be finding ways to have land and cruise vacations be more seamless; something he has asserted is lacking in the industry.

I must pause and wonder, with reports of Silversea's ships sailing consistently at less than 50% occupancy (actually less than 35% in some instances) and with a list of less than successful marketing strategies, who is it that is going to be purchasing these marketing services?  Frankly, I hear all to often that Silversea has lost its focus and the cruising public no longer understands what it is or what it is offering.

To be fair, that has continued after their departure when Silversea was going to impliment a children's program with heavily discounted fares, but the backlash before it was even announced caused it to be withdrawn.

We shall see.