Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seabourn One Week Sale - Ends January 19, 2009

I really do not want to turn my blog into a website filled with little more than cruise line sales, but I am receiving requests for the information and, therefore, I am posting it for all to see.

If you click in the image below you will see the latest Seabourn One Week Sale which ends on January 19, 2008.  To be sure, Seabourn is having some very good success with the sales, so you may want to take a look...as the lower categories sell out quickly.
Also, for those of you who think, "I will just wait until closer to when I want to sail as there probably will be space and a better rate" a word or two of caution.  As I mentioned, the Seabourn sales are doing quite well and, as Seabourn has only 108 suites per ship on the triplets, it doesn't take much to tip the balance to a full ship.  Also, at this sort of discount, you have to ask yourself what could possibly be a lower price and, if you think it might go lower, just how much benefit is there is hoping for a A suite at a further reduced price versus having to purchase an A3 t a significant cost increase because your strategy did not work out.

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