Thursday, July 17, 2008

Clipper Pacific Update: Cleared to Sail...Sort Of.

According to Newsday, the Clipper Pacific has as of about noon been cleared to sail...but not to Venezuela as contemplated. It is cleared to sail to Tampa, Florida so that permanent repairs can be made.

As I had written yesterday, the temporary patch with cement and whatever else the ship might have done would never have been cleared for open ocean sailing. As there are no shipyards in the New York area that could handle such a large ship, it appears there is some space in Tampa. I am curious as to whether they are going to have to drydock her to make the repairs, but what is certain is that the damaged plate (and who knows what else) will need to be replaced.

I do not have any information on what is happening with the passengers, though from what I have read I do not think many have the finances to simply walk of the ship and fly to wherever, nor do I think the ship's owner or operator would have the funds to do such things based upon the conditions found aboard the ship. I also do not know if the ship must be escorted since it has so many passengers aboard.

I will keep you posted.